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2023 Wrapped 

2023 has been a wild ride. 145 live gigs and 8 large-scale composition contracts later, I must admit that I am looking forward to the relative calm of January 2024. I played everywhere from a mall in Saint-Bruno to a Hedge Fund in Toronto, with countless bars and festivals thrown into the mix.

A special thank you to my manager Pi Sailin Cutler. You are amazing to work with, a dream come true! I would also like to thank all of the bookers, sound engineers and bartenders who have made it possible for me to continue earning a living by doing what I love: making things vibrate.

The Return of the SHOWLO 

Hey folks, the long awaited return of my monthly concert series for musicians that play all by their lonesome has arrived. Due to L'Escalier closing we will be trying out a new venue called La Petite Marche (5035 Saint-Denis). The first event will be on November 23rd at 10pm and my guest will be the wonderful Lea Keeley. 

I will also be returning to my monthly residency at Grumpy's on November 27th at 10pm. We have moved it to the last Saturday of every month. Cheers!

Webcast at the Wheel Club 

I'll be doing a Webcast with some fine folks on April 28th, 2021 at the legendary Wheel Club. After my set, it'll be Alice Bro and Santosh Lalonde. You can watch it here:

Wheel Club Webcast


Album Release May 10th 

Very pleased to announce that 'Tempered Tantrum' will be released on May 10th at the legendary Quai des Brumes in Montreal.

Studio Recording 

I was in studio last week recording my first full-length solo album. We recorded 4 takes of all 13 songs in the first day and then spent the next two days re-recording songs and getting some more takes in with various different gauges of strings (I use many different tunings on the record). The studio was Roger Cloutier's beautiful Productions Va-Nu-Pieds and I had a wonderful time working there with the great Pi Sailin Cutler putting in graveyard shifts on the sound. We borrowed some very nice microphones from Gaetan Pillon, mics that used to be at Montreal's storied studio Victor. The record should be done some time around February or March. More on this soon!