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Empathy Goes Home, While Apathy Dances

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Used plastic bags float around
Like leaves once did
Fighting over the same skies
Sold to the highest bid
Steam rises from the streets
From sewers and asphalt
Progress for the sake of it
The inevitable result
Buildings reach for the sky
Higher than trees would ever dare
Reaching up to the heavens
To see if God’s really there
Smog blots out the sun
Toxic clouds of our own creation
We destroy the earth
To enrich our nation

Concrete inferno
Where green once ruled
Fuel for the fire
Movement for the fooled

Streets like scars
Severed arteries across the cityscape
A dystopia for our egos
Built on nature’s rape
Untrusting strangers
Casting suspicious glances
Empathy goes home
While apathy dances
Empty eyes stare back
With indifferent false pity
No expectation, no destination
Waiting for death to hit me
Planes soar and cars roar
And no one hears my last breath
I can’t take this anymore
If this is life I welcome death