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Talk Taboo

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Oh the blood, the blood
The blood on my hands
How could I hope to
Ever understand?
I’m your seed, your flower
The branch on your tree
I’m glad somebody found you
Did it have to be me?
Guilt should not lead to silence
Au contraire

Oh we must discuss
These are stories to share
It’s not because we don’t tell them
That they’re not there
I’m gonna scream, scream it
Loud and clear
Talk taboo
Because there’s no more fear
How did your world become a prison
From which you needed to be set free?
If you couldn’t, wouldn’t stay for yourself
God damn! Stay for me

Little darling how could you understand?
Daddy’s gotta go to the promised land
But I’ll see you there someday
Well I’ll see you there someday

Ah this feeling, it burns
I’m so full of grief
You’ve been stolen from me
But you’re also the thief
I do not blame you, how could I?
This isn’t your fault
The world’s gone mad
And this is the result
Guilt shall not lead to silence
Not this time!