Webcast at the Wheel Club

I'll be doing a Webcast with some fine folks on April 28th, 2021 at the legendary Wheel Club. After my set, it'll be Alice Bro and Santosh Lalonde. You can watch it here:

Wheel Club Webcast


Album Release May 10th

Very pleased to announce that 'Tempered Tantrum' will be released on May 10th at the legendary Quai des Brumes in Montreal.

Studio Recording

I was in studio last week recording my first full-length solo album. We recorded 4 takes of all 13 songs in the first day and then spent the next two days re-recording songs and getting some more takes in with…


Les Sessions du Cabanon/The Backshed Sessions

This winter I recorded a song in Quebec city in the shed of fellow musician Phil Gerg. I was on a solo tour with Santosh Lalonde and we had a ball recording this despite the fact that some of the…