The Return of the SHOWLO

Hey folks, the long awaited return of my monthly concert series for musicians that play all by their lonesome has arrived. Due to L'Escalier closing we will be trying out a new venue called La Petite Marche (5035 Saint-Denis). The…

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Webcast at the Wheel Club

I'll be doing a Webcast with some fine folks on April 28th, 2021 at the legendary Wheel Club. After my set, it'll be Alice Bro and Santosh Lalonde. You can watch it here:

Wheel Club Webcast


Album Release May 10th

Very pleased to announce that 'Tempered Tantrum' will be released on May 10th at the legendary Quai des Brumes in Montreal.

Studio Recording

I was in studio last week recording my first full-length solo album. We recorded 4 takes of all 13 songs in the first day and then spent the next two days re-recording songs and getting some more takes in with…

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