1. What Owns Who

From the recording Tempered Tantrum

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What Owns Who

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If I’m never happy with what I have
Then I’ll never be satisfied
I’ll go in circles till it drives me mad
Greener grass on the other side
If I never know what I’ve got till it’s gone
Do I even know a thing?
If I can never decide if I’m right or wrong
What good does the question bring?

If I’m always searching for something new
Will I ever let anything grow?
The future isn’t always something you do
Sometimes you gotta let time flow
If I’m never living in the here and now
What’s the point of possessions anyway?
And what owns who? Your stuff owns you
And that’s a game I’m not gonna play, ah no

Some people say: “You gotta be satisfied!
Love what you got and enjoy the ride”
But I can’t seem to take their advice
’Cause what I don’t have always seems so nice

I’m gonna quit complaining and fix my ways
Dirty rascal instead of king
If I’m never happy with what I have
I’m better off without anything
Well, the more we have, the less we are
The less time we have to be
So, let go of it all
Only then can you be set free