From the recording Tempered Tantrum

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The More We Have, the Less We Are

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Some people seem to always be smiling
Some seem to not know how
Beauty hides in unlikely places
I think I found it now
Pretty posters of pleased people make you purchase
But the more we have, the less we are

Where’s Robin Hood
And his merry men?
It’s in times like these
That we need them
Is stealing from the rich really such a crime
When the hangman’s working overtime?

We wear rags and tatters
As the fat cats get fatter
And eat cold soup out of cans
While they got expensive dinner plans
There should be a tax that the poor could levy
’Cause the pyramid, well, it’s too top-heavy

And there’s so many kinds of people
We’re all trying to get along
But when push comes to shove
There ain’t no love and all compassion is gone
Come on fat cats, don’t you see?
You’re on the wrong side of history
And the more we have, ah, the less we are
I said the more we have, the less we are